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Trends in Credentialing: Takeaways from the 2019 ICE Executive Summit

This year’s ICE Executive Summit addressed key trends and changes affecting credentialing, and specifically focused on mitigating risk and leveraging opportunity for organizations. Hear from Terri Hinkley, facilitator for ICE Executive Conversations, on key takeaways for professionals of all levels.

Legislative Update from the Professional Certification Coalition (PCC)

As the 2019 State Legislative sessions come to a close, the frenetic pace of tracking more than 80 bills in more than 30 states is drawing to a close, as well. Get an update from the PCC on bills being tracked and what they mean to the credentialing community.

Adapting to the Unexpected: Joy Schneck, Executive Director, Certification Board for Music Therapists

Learn more about Joy Schneck’s (MM, MT-BC) fascinating career as a music therapist and how she got her start with the Certification Board for Music Therapists.

Pushing Back on “Fake It ‘Til You Make It”

With the credentialing community’s foundation built upon the need to demonstrate competencies, the “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” mantra fails to take into account the need for competencies and the ability to measure, foster and demonstrate them.

A CEO Profile Featuring Cary List, FPSC

The Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) recently unveiled a new and expanded organizational structure developed under guidance of CEO Cary List, FCPA, FCA, CFP. We spoke with List to learn about his professional path to this role, FPSC’s expanded offerings, and how FPSC managed this change.

Update on the Legislative Landscape in Credentialing

“If you’re not at the table, then you’re on the menu,” said Michael Enzi, senior Senator from Wyoming.  This year, we have learned this lesson through the outbreak of state legislation in 2018, and now being proposed in 2019, related to issues impacting certification and licensure.

From ICE Leadership: 2018 Accomplishments and 2019 Plans

What was the state of ICE in 2018, and where is the association headed in 2019? Learn more in this video message from Denise Roosendaal, ICE executive director, Johnna Gueorguieva, ICE chair, and Lisa Sallstrom, ICE vice chair.

Message From the Chair: Discovering Your Path Through Credentialing

How do professionals find their way to a career in credentialing? More often than not, it’s a field that individuals don’t know exist until they’re taken by the hand and pulled in. In this message from the ICE Chair, Johnna Gueorguieva reflects on her own journey to a career in credentialing.

Adapting to the Pace of Change: A CEO Profile featuring Jim Stobinski, CCI

The Competency & Credentialing Institute (CCI) has been certifying operating room nurses for over 35 years. Two years ago, CCI hired a new CEO to build on the organization’s success and plan for the future in a rapidly changing industry.

Defining and Defending Certification

Explaining certification in layman’s terms to public stakeholders is not easy. But what’s at stake has never been higher.


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