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Best Practices for Onboarding New Credentialing Professionals: Tips From Fellow I.C.E. Members

For those entering credentialing, learning the ins and outs of the industry can be overwhelming. Similarly, it can be difficult for those overseeing this process to know where to begin. With workplaces changing and processes shifting, we asked the I.C.E. Publications and Editorial Committee to share tips from their own onboarding experiences, and ways their organizations onboard new professionals.

Upcoming I.C.E. Research: Live Remote Proctoring and Candidate Experience

With the utilization of live remote proctoring (LRP) increasing, I.C.E. and the NCCA have been committed to providing guidance to the industry for its implementation. In an ongoing effort to share best practices, I.C.E. is embarking on a study to gather insights regarding communication strategies. Learn more about this upcoming research in an overview from the Research and Development Committee.

New White Paper: Addressing Problem Areas With ACAP Applications

Based on a recent review of applications that were deferred or denied by the Assessment-Based Certificate Accreditation Council (ACAC), it appears there are common misunderstandings regarding what is expected for I.C.E. 1100 accreditation. With this in mind, members of the ACAC wrote a white paper to provide prospective applicants with a means to identify and resolve potential challenges.

Ready to Reconvene?

While virtual meetings have their own benefits, in-person meetings help to build rapport and engagement, and provide secure environments for exam development activities. As COVID-19 continues to impact the way in which we are able to gather, check out these tips and considerations for hosting your next in-person meeting or event.

Credentialing: It’s More Than Just the Test

When establishing a credential program, organizations often overlook the infrastructure needed to operate and run it. In this high-level overview, learn what steps and considerations need to be taken to ensure a smooth operations process.

An Update From I.C.E.’s DE&I Task Force

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) are at the forefront of I.C.E., with the organization looking to strategically implement DE&I strategies in tandem with its mission, vision and overall strategic plan. Hear from DE&I Task Force Chair Tracy Lofty, MSA, CAE, on the task force’s latest developments, including updates to the Ends Statements.

What the Connecticut Clean Slate Bill Means for Certifying Organizations

The state of Connecticut recently enacted the “clean slate” bill, forging new ground in prohibiting private organizations in the state from basing eligibility and disciplinary decisions on certain criminal convictions. Learn what this law means for your certifying organization and the individuals it serves in this overview from Julia E. Judish.

I.C.E. Launches Certification Program for the Credentialing Professional

I.C.E. recently launched a new certification program for credentialing professionals: the I.C.E. Certified Credentialing Professional (ICE-CCP). In this overview, learn the history behind the program, the importance of an ICE-CCP credential and how you can register for the beta examination.

Tips for Keeping SMEs Engaged During Virtual Meetings

Due to the pandemic, many groups have transitioned to having virtual meetings as a way to safely continue making progress on exam development. After working in an online environment for over a year, subject matter experts (SMEs) may be feeling virtual fatigue. Check out these tips for keeping SMEs engaged during your next meeting.

How Attractive Are Your Credentialing Programs to the Markets You Serve?

Amy Jauman, EdD, GPHR, SMS, and Joseph Seegers recently authored the white paper, “Using Online Research Techniques to Better Understand Your Audience,” in which they looked at how attractive credentialing programs make candidates in the markets they serve. Learn more about the white paper’s key takeaways and how your group can benefit from its findings in this Q&A.


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