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Message From the ICE Chair: Community. Competence. Credibility.

Each person and industry we serve has been impacted in some way by the myriad difficulties this year has brought about. In the face of these challenges, however, there are three strong, positive themes I have seen emerge within our organization: Community. Competence. Credibility.

A Roadmap to Strategic Success: Developing Your Profession’s Career Pathway

Denise Roosendaal, ICE’s executive director, and Kevin Hurley, ICE’s marketing director, recently presented on ICE’s career pathways developmental journey at the ASAE Virtual Annual Meeting & Exposition. Learn more about the planning that went into this process and the outcomes it produced.

The ICE Community at Work

ICE Executive Director Denise Roosendaal, CAE, reflects on the change the credentialing industry has faced in the past weeks, resources available to navigate the crisis and how fellow ICE members have responded to these uncertain times with compassion and swiftness.

2020 Vision

2020 is well underway and the ICE Board of Directors has set its goals high this year to ensure members will see the return in making a personal investment with ICE. ICE Chair Nicholas Soto gives a preview of the board’s goals for 2020 and what the year ahead looks like for ICE in this message.

3 (Non-Education) Things You May Not Know About The 2019 ICE Exchange

While attendees know about the education side of the ICE Exchange, there are many other aspects that go into the event. ICE Executive Director Denise Roosendaal discusses a few non-educational things about the ICE Exchange in her latest executive director message.

'The Best Volunteer Experience in My Career’: An Interview with NCCA Chair Isabelle Gonthier

Dr. Isabelle Gonthier has been involved with the NCCA since 2014 and will finish her term as chair this November. Discover why this has been her most rewarding volunteer role to date, and get the story of her career path in credentialing, as well as advice for those just starting in the field.

Behind the Scenes of Evaluating ICE’s Mission and Vision

In this message from Johnna Gueorguieva, ICE Chair, learn about the work the ICE Board is doing to revamp the Mission, Vision and Ends statements, as well as their ideas for the future of the organization.

‘A Dynamic Benchmark for ICE’: A Q&A with Patricia (Trish) Young

Trish Young has served on various ICE committees over the years, including Research & Development (R&D). Learn about her career path, involvement with ICE and her role in helping launch ICE’s Business of Certification Benchmarks program.

Trends in Credentialing: Takeaways from the 2019 ICE Executive Summit

This year’s ICE Executive Summit addressed key trends and changes affecting credentialing, and specifically focused on mitigating risk and leveraging opportunity for organizations. Hear from Terri Hinkley, facilitator for ICE Executive Conversations, on key takeaways for professionals of all levels.

Legislative Update from the Professional Certification Coalition (PCC)

As the 2019 State Legislative sessions come to a close, the frenetic pace of tracking more than 80 bills in more than 30 states is drawing to a close, as well. Get an update from the PCC on bills being tracked and what they mean to the credentialing community.


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