The ABCs of Assessment-Based Certificate (ABC) Program Accreditation

While many are aware of NCCA-accredited certification programs, there is another standard that provides guidance to organizations developing assessment-based certificate (ABC) programs. Sarah Carroll, Ph.D. breaks down the basics of an ABC Program Accreditation in this updated article.

Ask Questions, Be Persistent: APTA’s Path to Accreditation

The path to accreditation is not usually a one-and-done endeavor. It takes patience, careful planning and trial and error. Hear about the application process from Lisa Nemzo, president of the American Polarity Therapy Association, whose organization recently received accreditation earlier this year.

Three Short Reliability Stories

A lot goes into a psychometrician’s thought process when evaluating a program’s test. This article will help you understand how tests are evaluated and what can be done differently to achieve better outcomes in the future.

ICE Exchange Preview: Is a New Certification Program Right for Your Organization?

Deciding to start or create a new certification program can be a big decision for an organization to make. Cynthia Allen and Lori Tinkler will share their insights on this topic at the ICE Exchange. Get a preview of their session in this interview.

Exploring the Psychometric Concept of Reliability

Reliability is a foundational principal of assessment. When conceptualizing testing as a measurement activity, reliability can be thought of as the consistency or comparability of repeated measurements of the same or like subjects. Learn about this psychometric term in this deep dive on the concept.

Sunsetting a Certification

Deciding to let go of a certification isn’t easy, but it may better your association in the long-run. Knowing when to sunset a program is an important step an association can take.

ICE Exchange Preview: The Copyright Registration Game

Protecting your organization’s testing materials from intellectual property theft is critical, but navigating copyright regulations can seem daunting. Hear from Matt Ferris in this Q&A, who will present at the ICE Exchange on how to work through gray areas and how to keep your organization safe.

Is Your Organization Prepared to Tackle Test Misconduct?

Testing misconduct doesn’t have to be a scary taboo. Learn how to prepare your organization in case a misconduct “what if” turns into a reality, in this preview of the ICE white paper, “Organizational Response to Test Misconduct,” by Jamie Mulkey, EdD and Rachel Schoenig, JD.

Meeting Students Where They Are: Should You Change the Format of Your Prep Materials?

Test prep materials are no longer “one size fits all”. Agencies can however assist candidates by knowing the various learning styles and helping candidates find the best approach to exam preparation.

4 Key Ways the GDPR May Affect Credentialing Bodies

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can feel like a burden to your credentialing organization, but it’s imperative to stay compliant. This article will help you navigate the challenges your organization may face when requesting and obtaining information.


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