5 Benefits of Speaking at Industry Events

Playing an active part in the execution of a successful industry event can be empowering and rewarding. If you’re considering submitting a proposal for a speaking session but are on the fence, check out these five reasons on why you should be a presenter.

Responding to Exam Security Breaches

You received information that your program’s test content and/or test security protocols have been compromised. Now what? View this guide for tips on how to respond to exam security breaches and the immediate steps you should take.

Advancing Public Health and Equity: Breastfeeding Accommodations for Professional Credentialing Examinations

Lactation accommodations during professional credentialing examinations are imperative from the public health, equity and inclusion, and business perspectives, but does your organization know how to incorporate them into its testing? Learn how your group can structure its certification program to optimize the testing experience for breastfeeding mothers with these considerations.

The Increasing Importance of Noncognitive Competencies: Opportunities for Credentialing Assessment

While job knowledge and manual skills are foundational for competent professional practice, noncognitive competencies are moving to the forefront in discussions of the future, due to advances in technology and the digitalization and automation of tasks and processes. Learn more about the importance of behavioral and soft skills and how credentialing organizations can incorporate them into their learning and assessment programs.

Top 5 Credentialing Insights Articles From 2021

From a new credentialing professional certification to renewal requirements and eligibility laws, these were the top read articles in 2021.

Spotlight on Todd Galati: 2020 I.C.E. Credentialing Industry Leadership Award Winner

Todd Galati, MA, is the senior director of standards and practice advancement at the American Council on Exercise and was honored with the 2020 I.C.E. Credentialing Industry Leadership Award. Get to know Todd, including how he got into the credentialing field, how I.C.E. has impacted his career and his advice for future leaders in the industry.

I.C.E. Member Spotlight: Janice Moore

Janice Moore has been in the credentialing industry for 23 years and has served on multiple I.C.E. committees, councils and taskforces. In this member spotlight, get to know Janice, including her go-to I.C.E. resource, advice for those new to the credentialing industry and more.

Serving as a Psychometrician and Public Board Member: A Q&A With Brett Foley, PhD

Brett Foley, PhD, is the director of professional credentialing and a senior psychometrician at Alpine Testing Solutions, and serves as chair of the Nebraska Board of Engineers and Architects. Learn about his start in credentialing, what it’s like to serve as a public member of a board, key takeaways from his webinar on the accuracy of licensure decisions and more.

I.C.E. Member Spotlight: Tracy Lofty, MSA, CAE

Tracy Lofty, MSA, CAE, has been an I.C.E. member for nearly 15 years and currently serves as the chair of I.C.E.’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force. Get to know Tracy, including what has been the most impactful moment she has experienced as a member of the credentialing industry and the advice she has for new professionals to the field, in this member spotlight.

I.C.E. Exchange Preview: Hey! Why Doesn’t Anybody Look Like Me?

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has become a popular focus area for many in the credentialing field, but while the industry consists of minority professionals, they are not equally represented. In this I.C.E. Exchange preview, hear from one of the presenters of “Hey! Why Doesn’t Anybody Look Like Me?” and learn what attendees can expect to take away from the session.


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