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The Many Hats of an IT Pro: A Q&A with Nikki Hochschild

Nikki Hochschild is relatively new to the credentialing world with a background in IT, but she has quickly immersed herself in bettering her organization’s recertification and continuing education processes. Learn more about her unique career path in this interview.

Building Credentialing Pathways From the Ground Up

Explaining credentialing to someone not in the industry can be difficult, but critical in order to attract people who have skills credentialing organizations need. Read on for a brief review of hiring resources and tips for success related to credentialing organization careers.

Building Value for Your Credentialing Programs While Increasing ROI

The changing landscape of credentialing has prompted traditional organization to offer more value for its credentials. Learn how one organization embarked on a public education campaign to increase advocacy and recognition of its credentials.

Maximizing Credentials for the Military

Military personnel have unique difficulties translating their experience into the civilian workforce and many professions do not effectively translate their needs into military skill sets. In this article, learn how several organizations came together to help bridge this gap.

Evolving a Continuing Certification Program

In recent years, the American Board of Anesthesiologists (ABA) has come under increasing pressure to make continuing certification programs more relevant, less burdensome and less costly for diplomates. Discover how this was achieved with the creation of MOCA 2.0.

Listening to Test Takers – Pre-Testing New Item Formats and Approaches

The changing nature of accounting and other professions has driven test blueprint development toward an evidence-centered design approach. In this article, we explore how organizations can gather such evidence by listening to test takers.

A Winding, Rewarding Path to Credentialing: An Interview with Pam Weber, CAE

How do you start a career in credentialing? For some, it’s more happenstance than planned. This was the case for Pam Weber, who began her career in agriculture. Today, she works for the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners and is actively involved in ICE’s career pathway efforts.

Why Present at the ICE Exchange? 4 Past Speakers Weigh In

Speaking at a conference like the ICE Exchange is a great professional development opportunity, as well as a way of sharing your expertise with peers. We spoke with a few past ICE Exchange presenters to get their take on the benefits of submitting proposals.

Leading the Charge in Research: An Interview with ICE R&D Leadership

Learn about the ICE Research and Development committee’s activities, what’s on the horizon and the benefits of such research from John Wickett (2018 committee chair) and Patricia Muenzen (2019 committee chair).

Millennials Having Fun and Making a Difference as Public Members

In 2018, more than a dozen public members attended the ICE Exchange. Two of them – Kevin Harris and Ben Klein – are bright, energetic millennials who conveyed their enthusiasm about being public members during a joint interview at the conference in Austin.


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