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Managing Certification Renewals in COVID-19: Part 1

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many organizations have had to pivot their strategies for managing certification renewals. In part one of our two-part Q&A, we spoke with Steven Garner, PMP, and Mihaiela Gugiu, PhD, to learn how their organizations have altered their respective renewal processes.

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Business Planning

In wake of COVID-19, organizations were forced to swiftly retool their business plans. Hear from ICE members Vicki Gremelsbacker and Mina Larson on how they navigated their teams through uncertainty, communicated key changes to stakeholders and what they see as long-term impacts on their businesses.

Security Considerations for the Changing Workforce Environment

As working remotely becomes common, an organization’s confidential data can be more easily compromised. Learn how your organization can better protect its data by reviewing and updating digital information safeguard, clean desk and bring your own device (BYOD) policies.

A Conversation on International Expansion of Credentialing Organizations and Associations

For credentialing organizations and associations considering international expansion, there are multiple factors to consider. Terrance Barkan, CAE, and Margaret Bloom, Esq., discuss insights and strategies for international and global expansion of a US-based certification program in this recording.

Key Business and Legal Considerations for Credentialing Organizations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In order for credentialing organizations to be prepared to survive the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis, they should work proactively to mitigate negative effects. Consider these three points — business continuity, test vendor contracts and data security — while making a plan.

COVID-19’s Impact on Credentialing Practices

In case you missed it, ICE recently hosted a virtual dialogue on the impacts of COVID-19 and the credentialing industry. Learn what credentialing bodies should be asking as it relates to business practices most at risk and hear how other organizations are adapting to these unexpected times.

The Many Hats of an IT Pro: A Q&A with Nikki Hochschild

Nikki Hochschild is relatively new to the credentialing world with a background in IT, but she has quickly immersed herself in bettering her organization’s recertification and continuing education processes. Learn more about her unique career path in this interview.

Building Credentialing Pathways From the Ground Up

Explaining credentialing to someone not in the industry can be difficult, but critical in order to attract people who have skills credentialing organizations need. Read on for a brief review of hiring resources and tips for success related to credentialing organization careers.

Building Value for Your Credentialing Programs While Increasing ROI

The changing landscape of credentialing has prompted traditional organization to offer more value for its credentials. Learn how one organization embarked on a public education campaign to increase advocacy and recognition of its credentials.

Maximizing Credentials for the Military

Military personnel have unique difficulties translating their experience into the civilian workforce and many professions do not effectively translate their needs into military skill sets. In this article, learn how several organizations came together to help bridge this gap.


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