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Courts Reject Antitrust 'Tying' Claims Based on Recertification Requirements

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Sunsetting a Certification

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Validation: An Ongoing Process of Accumulating Evidence about a Test

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How the NCCA Standards Can Benefit Every Certification Program

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Is Remote Proctoring a Good Fit for Your Organization?

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An Update on Setarehshenas v. NCCPA

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Using the Business Model Canvas to Understand the Business Model for Your Credentials

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Improving Efficiency with Scrum

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Applying Quality Assurance to Credentialing Programs

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Your Organization’s Examination Cannot Be Valid

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Breaking Down Commonly Used Psychometric Terms: Validity, Reliability and Fairness

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A Look Back at the 2018 ICE Exchange

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An Update on the ICE 1100 Standards Revision

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Using Nudges to Improve the Credentialing Program

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How to Start a New Certification

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Using Data Forensics to Detect Cheating: An Illustration

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Employing Blockchain in Credentialing Practices

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GDPR: What You Should Know

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Job Analysis: Beyond the Basics

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Removing Roadblocks and Clearing The Way For Accreditation Success: Part 1

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The Value of a Value Proposition Study

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Legal Standards for Disciplinary Policies and Procedures of Certification Organizations

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Can't Put a Price on It: The Value of Fostering Volunteer and SME Engagement

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Federal Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Professional Certification Board

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Using Responsive Web Design

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Taking Test Security to the Next Level Through Design

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2016 NCCA Standards Revisions Recap and Takeaways: What You Need to Know

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Making NCCA Accreditation Work for You

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Looking for Data in All the Right Places

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How Much Is My Certification Really Worth?

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Using Data to Restore Trust in Exams

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