Addressing Accreditation Needs: An Update on the Accreditation Services Council

By Denise Roosendaal, ICE Executive Director

The Accreditation Services Council (Council) was established in 2017 as a standing committee of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE). Through the Council, ICE offers a portfolio of accreditation services (ICE Accreditation Services Components) to meet the growing needs of members and stakeholder groups. The Council is tasked with addressing strategic issues related to accreditation, accreditation processes, growth potential, customer service, marketing advice and policy improvement recommendations related to ICE Accreditation Services Components. The Council’s place within the ICE organizational structure provides an appropriate level of autonomy to prevent undue influence over, and preserve the integrity of, ICE’s Accreditation Services Components while providing strategic input on broader topics.

 Activities Completed During the Council’s first 12 months of existence:

  1. Elected Chair and Vice Chair from among members.
  2. Recommended Governance Charter changes to the ICE Board to increase stakeholder representation.
  3. Identified and prioritized issues facing the Council and developed an issues prioritization table to guide the Council’s first 18-24 months of work.
  4. Recruited additional Accredited Programs Representative and Public Member.
  5. Developed policies/procedures to support the Charter (nomination, appointment, selection, re-appointment, etc.)
  6. Conducted a competitive analysis of each accreditation program (NCCA, ACAP, and IAS/ICE Partnership).
  7. Reviewed and discussed legal topics relevant to accreditation services, including a review of pending legislative activity, relevant court cases related to certification/accreditation, and the 2016 NCCA legal audit report performed at the change of legal counsel services.
  8. Recommended Bylaws change to ICE Board to change selection process for NCCA Commissioners from elected to appointed.
  9. Monitored the ICE 1100 Standards update and reviewed policies related to the standards update process.

These actions are just the beginning of the expected input to be provided by the ICE Accreditation Services Council. We thank all the members of this important body. You can learn more about the Council here.

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