A Q&A With Ashley Bardsley: ICE 2019 Next Gen Professional Award Winner

Ashley Bardsley was honored with the ICE 2019 Next Gen Professional Award for her commitment to developing a career path in the credentialing industry. Hear from Bardsley about her start in credentialing, her involvement with ICE and her advice for the future generation of professionals.

5 Ways to Digitally Connect With Millennials and Gen Z

In an era of information overload, how can certification organizations appeal to millennials and Gen Z? Hanna Aronovich, CAE, breaks down five ways to digitally connect effectively with these younger demographics.

Spotlight on Jerry Reid: 2019 ICE Innovator Award Winner

Jerry Reid, PhD, was honored with the 2019 ICE Innovator Award for his years of innovation in the credentialing industry. Hear from Reid about his work with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (AART), changes in the field over the years and his contributions to the ICE R&D Committee.

OSAP, DANB and the DALE Foundation Illustrate the Power of Collaboration

If well executed, a strategic partnership among certification programs can allow the parties involved to leverage their strengths and expand their reach. Learn how OSAP, DANB and the DALE Foundation collaborated to create an innovative dental infection control education and certification initiative.

A Look Into Copyright Registration Time, Process and Costs

Copyright registration can be a long and costly process, especially with the new interim rule for secure tests. In this interview that follows up from an ATP Workforce Skills Legal Landscape webinar, Baker McKenzie’s Jennifer Ancona Semko, Esq., shares more about the group registration process.

Competency Model Used as Staffing Aid During Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus crisis has caused a great need for nursing personnel to be redeployed. Terri Hinkley, EdD, MBA, BScN, RN, CAE, shares how the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) created a self-assessment tool to address staffing needs in hospitals.

Considering Criminal Backgrounds: A Q&A With ICE Research Report Co-Chairs

ICE recently published “Criminal Justice Research Study,” with the help of a task force of members from the ICE Government Affairs and Research and Development (R&D) Committees. We spoke with task force co-chairs, Carla Caro, MA, and Nicole Risk, PhD, to learn about the research and its outcomes.

Spotlight on Jim Henderson: 2019 ICE Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Jim Henderson, PhD, was honored with the 2019 ICE Lifetime Achievement award for his service to the crediting industry. ICE PEC member Robert C. Shaw Jr., PhD, recently spoke with Henderson about his career in credentialing and his work on Certification: The ICE Handbook.

A Look Inside the NCCA’s Assessment of Live Remote Proctoring

The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) recently created a subcommittee to oversee an assessment of live remote proctoring. ICE spoke with subcommittee member Linda Waters, PhD, to learn more about this assessment and what the NCCA hopes to achieve with its outcome.

Evidence-Based Adult Learning With an Innovation Mindset

As best practices and teaching methods have evolved over the years, so has adult learning. Michelle Nolin, CPLP, discusses the thought processes, learning theories and innovation that go into creating evidence-based adult learning that allows the learner to be engaged and retain information.


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