Keyed in to Quality: ICE Volunteer Spotlight with Avis D. Bullard, M.S., CSSBB (ASQ)

Avis Bullard entered the world of credentialing later in her career when she started working at the Board of Pharmacy specialties (BPS), but a strong background in quality assurance made the transition a natural fit.  Learn more about Avis’ career pathway and her involvement with ICE.

Governance – The Golden Key

Governance is the responsibility of the board of directors and the golden key to unlocking the full potential of a credentialing organization. Review the highlights of the legal duties and roles board members have related to the governance of an organization.

Staying Afloat in the Face of a Recession

While the economic forecast is uncertain, governing boards and chief of staff officers need to anticipate how an economic downturn may affect their certification organization. Read on to learn how advanced planning can protect an organization in the face of a recession.

Top Viewed Credentialing Insights Articles from 2019

From business models to remote proctoring and legislative updates, these were the top articles you read in 2019.

Courts Reject Antitrust 'Tying' Claims Based on Recertification Requirements

Recently, two federal district courts dismissed antitrust challenges to recertification requirements. Juila E. Judish, Esq, gives an update on the rulings from Kenny v. Am. Board of Internal Medicine and Siva v. American Board of Radiology and what these rulings mean for certification organizations.

Structuring Success in a New Client-Vendor Relationship

While an organization may prefer to keep their operations in-house, sometimes outsourcing tasks can have major benefits. Learn how the Board of Pharmacy Specialties partnered with a vendor to streamline processes, improve efficiencies and boost overall quality in this case study.

A Look at ‘Certification: The ICE Handbook, 3rd Edition’

ICE recently released its third edition of Certification: The ICE Handbook. Editor James Henderson, PhD, gives a preview of the broader scope of content that readers can expect in the 30-chapter handbook.

The Importance of Continuous Professional Development and Regular Assessment

Among many professions and industries, there is a growing movement to lower professional standards and diminish the value of certification. ICE spoke with Karen Plaus and Lisa Kamen to learn about the state of the profession and the efforts to uphold lifelong learning.

More Than Exams: The Many Facets of a Credentialing Organization

Credentialing organizations are more than just exams. Check out this interactive infographic to learn about the various facets of a credentialing organization.

[Sponsored] Should You Build or Buy a Certification Management Solution?

What should you consider when exploring a new certification platform? These eight questions may help. Sponsored by Certemy.


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